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EU PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - Certification Regulations


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LOWA Task Force Z-Series, Renegade II TF, R-6 GTX & Elite Evo models have been tested and certified according to European Union (EU) PPE Regulations (2020). PPE regulations cover the design, manufacture and marketing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They define the legal obligations required to ensure that PPE on the EU internal market (the European Economic Area, known as the EEA) provide the highest level of protection against risks.


LOWA Certified PPE Task Force Boots are tested to determine:

1. Upper/outsole bond strength.

Upper components such as material, linings, insoles and tongue all must meet set requirements. Different maximum requirements for each area in the boot include:

  • Tear Strength
  • Tensile Properties
  • Water Vapor Permeability
  • Water Absorption & Desorption
  • Leather Components – PH Value & Chromium VI Content
  • Areas that are subject to mechanical stress, such as from overlying clothing, socks, feet, must additionally meet abrasion resistance requirements

2. Flexing resistance of the outsole compound.

3. Interlayer bond strength of the outsole layers.

4. Water Resistance (WR)

This test shows a dynamic footwear water penetration test, which is intended to provide a means of evaluating the degree of water resistance of footwear.

  • The footwear is secured in a flexing machine with water at a defined level above the featherline.
  • The footwear is then flexed at a constant rate over a fixed time and inspected at intervals for water penetration. All our Certified models with GORE-TEX membrane meet the requirements for over 72 hours (over 3 days). The wearer is confident they will have dry feet in wet conditions.

5. Slip Resistance (SRA or SRC)

This test is carried out on steel floor or ceramic tiles with different surface wetting (lubricant). In general, it can be said that the anti-slip properties become better with increasing use and the natural abrasion of the outsole than under the certification conditions in new condition (finish and release agent are lost, a natural abrasion of the outsole by everyday use sets in).

  • SRA - Our models have reached the classes SRA only on ceramic tiles. Z series boots are classified as 02 HI CI FO HRO

  • SRA - Ceramic only, WR (where applicable) SRC on both surfaces ceramic and steel floors. R-6, Renegade TF & Elite EVO boots are classified as 02 HI CI FO HRO

  • SRC - Ceramic and Steel, WR ( where applicable). The wearer is confident in given situations on ceramic, steel or both (depending on the boot model) that the outsole will be slip-resistant.

6. Outsole resistance to fuel oil (FO).

All visible outer materials from the underside of the outsole are tested. The increase in volume of all outsole materials shall be no more than 12 % and the test pieces may not shrink by more than 1 % in volume. Our Certified test results outsoles have an average volume increase of 2%. The wearer can feel confident in the outsole while in work environments around fuel oil on a daily basis.

7. Cold Insulation (CI) of the sole complex (whole basic construction with insocks) The temperature decrease on the upper surface of the insole or insock shall be not more than 10 °C after testing at minus 17°C over 30 min. Our certified test results lies between 4°C and 9°C, depending on the footbed. The wearer maintains a comfortable foot climate under extreme low temperatures for more than 30 min. and prevents from frostbite.

8. Heat Insulation (HI) – temperature increase on the upper surface of the insole or inner sock after 30 minutes at 150°C shall be not higher than 22 °C. The footwear may not show any sign of degradation after testing. Our Certified tests rise results are between 11°C to 16°C. The wearer maintains a comfortable foot climate when exposed to extreme high temperature for more than 30 min.

9. Heat Resistant Outsole (HRO) The test will be carried out at 300°C for 60 seconds. After the test, no degradation of the outsoles may be visible. Our Certified test results show that the outsoles can withstand an immensely high temperature for a short period of time without suffering deformation or damage. The wearer can feel confident in short term exposure to extreme heat.

* All LOWA 2021 Z-Series models are certified as follows: EN ISO 20347: 2012, meeting code 02 WR SRA FO CI HI HRO

* Renegade II GTX Mid TF, R-6 GTX & Elite Evo models are certified as follows: EN ISO 20347: 2012, meeting code 02 WR SRC FO CI HI HRO