LOWA Boots, LLC Internet Resale Policy

This Internet Resale Policy (this "Policy") is designed to allow authorized resellers ("Resellers") of LOWA Boots, LLC (the "Company" or "LOWA") to sell the Company's products on the internet in a clear and efficient manner and to maintain the value of the LOWA brand and avoid destructive intra-brand conflict between the resellers across our network.

  1. Authorized Resellers. Only specifically authorized and credit-approved Resellers are permitted to sell LOWA products on the internet. This authorization must be in writing from the Company and is revocable at any time. An authorized Reseller is a Reseller which has been approved by the Company and whose account is in good standing with the Company. LOWA will place all active and credit-approved Reseller URLs on the authorized Reseller list on the LOWA website. For Resellers who sell products on the internet, the URL should direct consumers to the LOWA product page on the Reseller website. For Resellers who do not sell products on the internet, the URL should direct consumers to the Reseller's home page. Reseller URL’s on the LOWA website that direct consumers to any other page on the Reseller's website shall not be placed on the LOWA website authorized Reseller list. Resellers shall provide to LOWA, as and when requested, the Reseller URL for placement on LOWA's website.

  2. Reseller Websites. Reseller websites must reflect their primary business name. Sale of LOWA products using third party internet addresses or internet exchanges or marketplaces (e.g, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, etc.) are not permitted. Resellers must use secure encrypted software to protect consumer credit card information, banking information and other personal information.

  3. Use of Personal Information. The names, addresses, credit card information, banking information, and other personal information of consumers who purchase LOWA products on Reseller websites shall not be sold, traded, bartered or used for any commercial or other purposes except by the Reseller for their own business purposes and by LOWA for its own business purposes.

  4. Geographic Area. All LOWA products shall only be sold to consumers with ship-to addresses in the United States. International shipments are prohibited. Resellers shall make every reasonable effort to prevent the shipping of LOWA products to non-authorized LOWA Resellers both in the United States and internationally.

  5. Pricing. Prices should reflect the manufacturer suggested retail price ("MSRP") of LOWA products. LOWA products being sold below the MSRP must be part of a limited-time sale (2-week maximum within any 180 day period) or an end-of- product lifecycle clearance item. No LOWA products shall be placed on an end-of-product lifecycle clearance until that item has been placed on a wholesale clearance price list by LOWA. Drop shipping Resellers are not permitted to sell LOWA products below MSRP. Only those Resellers who maintain LOWA products in stock for direct shipment to consumers are permitted to sell LOWA products below MSRP pursuant to the guidelines contained herein. Resellers shall also review the LOWA Minimum Advertised Price Policy prior to advertising any LOWA products on its website.

  6. Copyright and Trademark. The integrity of the LOWA brand must be consistently protected at all times. Content displayed on the LOWA website, in brochures, advertisements, product packaging, product information sheets and other marketing materials are copyrighted and trademarked. All LOWA logos, product descriptions, photographs and any other related artwork supplied by LOWA are also copyrighted and trademarked. This material cannot be used without LOWA's express written permission. Reseller's use of such material is revocable at any time.

  7. Brand Representation. The unauthorized use of copyrights, trademarks, logos, manufacturing images, product images, copy or other LOWA information on the internet without the express written consent of LOWA is prohibited. All photos, images, and product and/or LOWA description content pertaining to or describing the Company and its products must be current and mention LOWA directly unless specifically excluded by LOWA. This information cannot be obtained from LOWA websites or other internet sources, unless specifically directed in writing by LOWA. All scenery and activity photos must be clearly labeled as “Courtesy of LOWA Boots LLC”. Resellers must cease using logos, trademarks, descriptions and photos upon demand by LOWA.

  8. Advertising. Resellers shall only advertise models, colors and sizes that Resellers have available in stock to ship within two (2) business days. Resellers shall also review LOWA's Minimum Advertising Policy prior to advertising any LOWA products on their website.

  9. Returns. Resellers must include return instructions and handle directly all warranty and return claims from consumers. LOWA shall not handle such services for Resellers. All Resellers who need to return warranty items from Internet sales should follow LOWA’s regular return processes. Re-stocking fees shall apply to Resellers who return products sold via the internet that have no defect in design, materials and construction. Service fees shall apply to Resellers who return products sold via the internet that need to be re-boxed or re-labled. Please consult LOWA customer service by calling (203) 353-0116 for details.

  10. Drop-Shipping. Resellers who place orders directly with LOWA for drop-shipping direct to consumers shall supply LOWA with their UPS numbers for third-party billing. Wholesale pricing and a drop-shipment fee of up to $25 may apply to drop-shipment transactions.

  11. Reseller Promotional Programs.
    1. LOWA, at its sole discretion, may place a link on a specific product page of the LOWA website directly to a Reseller’s product page for that specific item. To participate, Resellers must submit an application in writing to LOWA for consideration. Among other things, a clear demonstration of product availability shall be required.

    2. For select Resellers who demonstrate an advanced website sales capability, in terms of technology, customer service and fulfillment capacities, LOWA may place such select Reseller logos on the LOWA website with direct links to a LOWA product page on the Reseller's website. To qualify for such program, Resellers must have auto-replenishment programs in place, maintain impeccable credit with LOWA and offer superior customer service to consumers. Such select Resellers shall also have their number of referral leads tracked monthly and must provide conversion sales data and total LOWA sales data to LOWA on a monthly basis. Such select Resellers shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with LOWA. To participate, Resellers must apply to LOWA in writing on Reseller letterhead for consideration.